Frequently Asked Questions

construction companyEach client receives progress reports related to their construction project. You can choose to receive this information via email or phone. Our goal is to keep you informed throughout the entirety of the construction from start to finish, so you always know how the project is going. If you have any questions during the building phase, please contact us.
tampa-builder-reviewsFor your own safety, the keys to your building are not available until the construction project is completed. However, we can arrange for the supervisor of your project to meet you at your property between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm during weekdays if you would like to see the progress of your construction. Please provide us with at least 48 hours to make these arrangements.
real-estate-developer-tampaDuring the construction phase, you can request cosmetic changes that are small in scope as long as you provide us with sufficient time to incorporate them into the design. However, structural changes are not possible in most cases due to the extensive nature involved with such modifications as well as the need to obtain approval from local building authorities.
building-questionsHere at the Zackary Group, we believe in letting our clients provide input on the type of construction they prefer for their project. Our advice is to conduct your own research in order to understand the differences and to get an idea as to what you want. Once you are ready, our specialists can provide information on the advantages/disadvantages of your choices, a process that can help you to make your final decision.
tampa-building-contractorA wooden frame is typically combined with brick veneer to create the walls of a home. The foundation is usually made from concrete, while the outer walls are often constructed from brick. However, different materials can be used, depending on the client’s preferences.
tampa-buildersBefore our craftsmen can begin your project, we need to receive the following:

  • Proper title for the property
  • ¬†Your selection of materials
  • Final drawings for the project
  • Confirmation of financial arrangements
tampa-home-contractorIdeally, you should wait until the construction phase is over before making any additional arrangements. The key to your property will not be available until that time.
zackary-group-tampaWhile the price that we quote for your project is relatively accurate, it is important to realize that any changes or upgrades that you make will cost extra.